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This is the small screen remote Bluetooth version of the Live Stream Series. This version is also a mobile appliance which use Bluetooth 5.3 technology. This specific device was constructed for people who want to control their water electronically without having to rely on an internet connection. The Live Stream Rem is an Artificial intelligent device that has all its functionality built in. The Live Stream Controller can control the flow of water from anywhere inside / outside the user's home and / or business without internet access. The Live Stream Rem has less functionality than The Live Stream Blue, more functionality than the Live Stream Wired, but the Live Stream Rem has numerous different functions compared to the Live Stream Blue and the Live stream Wired. The Live Stream Rem controller is smaller, elegant, and mobile.

The key features of the Live Stream Rem devices are as followed:

1. Live Stream Rem is a portable and wireless device which can be docked / housed anywhere in the user's home.

2. Live Stream Rem has and embedded battery pack. A full charge will last an outrageous 60-90 days if used daily or can last 3+ months if rarely used. Furthermore, the main ZMASK unit also has an embedded battery pack but is utilized only as a backup battery in case of power outage. (Longest Battery Life)

3. Live Stream Rem includes two water detection sensors.

4. Live Stream Rem can control each individual temperature, hot, cold, and warm water, via a wireless means.

5. Live Stream Rem can control each individual temperature, hot, cold, and warm water, via a wireless and touch-less means, by utilizing the wireless controller's on-board Motion sensor.

6. Live Stream Rem can continuously run water.

7. Live Stream Rem can output a precise volume and / or quantity of water, and automatically turn the water off.

8. 2 Volume Distribution Modes (MLiters and Liters)

9. Distributes 50 ML - 350 ML

10. Distributes 1/2 L - 3.5 L

11. 1 Hand wash Mode

12. 1 Toothbrush Mode

13. Secret function #1 (WRT)

14. Secret function #2 (6 Additional Mobile app Shower and tub settings)

15. Secret function #2 (WLO)

Whats Included inside the Box?

1. Live Stream Rem Controller

2. Live Stream Rem ZMASK Unit

3. Two Power Supply Modules

4. Two Water detection sensor

5. Two Water supply Lines

Note 1: Please select your water supply lines before placing your order. If the customer does not select a specified water supply line, We will send 1/2 Water supply Lines by default.

Note 2: The device comes with all necessary components to get the system up and running without having to buy any extra Parts.

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