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Brand: Livestream

This is the Hard Wired version of the Live Stream Series. This version is a stationary appliance, wherein the location of the device can't be moved once the device is installed. This device functionality is very similar to the Live Stream Blue, but the number one difference is that this device is not wireless.

The key features of the Live Stream Wired devices are as followed:

1. Live Stream Wired can control each individual temperature, hot, cold, and warm water, remotely without having to reach for a faucet handle.

2. Live Stream Wired can control each individual temperature, hot, cold, and warm water, via the controller's on-board Motion sensor.

3. Live Stream Wired can continuously run water,

4. Live Stream Wired can be set to Output water via multiple timed schedules, and automatically turn the water off.

5. 1 Hand wash Mode

6. 1 Fill-up Modes

7. Shower Mode

8. Live Stream Blue is a intelligent device, which contains on-board memory, furthermore if the device losses power it will still retain all settings in memory.

9. Live Stream Wired has an Embedded 5000mah Battery Pack For multiple weeks of Power outage usage

10. Secret function #1 (WRT)

11. Secret function #2 (N-Mode)

12. Secret function #2 (Partial M-Lck)

Whats Included inside the Box?

1. Live Stream Controller

2. Dual Solenoids

3. One Power Supply Module

4. Two Water supply Lines.

Note 1: Please select your water supply lines before placing your order. If the customer does not select a specified water supply line, We will send 1/2 Water supply Lines by default.

Note 2: The device comes with all necessary components to get the system up and running without having to buy any extra Parts.

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