Auto Care

Live Stream Devices Has Various Hand Wash Modes With Touchless Activation!!!!

The Live Stream exclusive functions for Auto Care environments:

  • Multiple Temperature Controls
  • Continuous Water Run Mode
  • Multiple Hand Wash Mode
  • Multiple Fill Sink Mode
  • Memory To Save Settings And Configurations
  • Multiple Volume Distribution Modes (System Outputs Pints, Quarts, Cups, Liters, Milli-Liters, Or Gallons By The Press Of A Button.)
  • Touch Button Control
  • Motion Sensor Control
  • Wireless Controls
  • Water Level Sensor (For Overflow Protection) (Metal Sinks And Plastic Sinks Only)
    • Water Level Sensor (Leak Detection)
  • Manuel Mode (Let The User Operate Their Sink And/Or Water Supply Manually)
  • No Internet Connection Required
  • All Billiano Products Are IP – 67 Rated And Above
  • Check Specific Live Stream Device Specification For Exact Device Functionality

Don’t Worry!!! Live Stream Has Automatic Timers and You’ll Never Dirty Up That Faucet Again!!!